Geofix 30-104C Mixed Geoshapes Maxi Gift Box

Product Description
Build your own models with the Geofix 30-104C, which is a mixed pack with Geoshapes/Geofix, Mini Geofix, Geo Panels and Geo Connectors. This Set contains 224 pieces with teaching and model-making ideas in a gift box, which includes 20 Geoshapes Small Equilateral Triangles, 20 Geoshapes Squares, 12 Geoshapes Pentagons with Triangle, 10 Geoshapes Rectangles, 50 minitriangles, 30 minisquares, 12 minipentagons, 10 minihexagons, 15 Triangle Panels, 15 Square Panels, 10 Nr.1 Connectors, 10 Nr.2 Connectors, and 10 Nr.3 Connectors.

  • Mixed pack of geoshapes/geofix, mini geofix, geo panels and geo connectors
  • Ideal for model building
  • Includes teaching and model-making ideas
  • Comes in a gift box with 224 pieces
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