We will continue to support our global and local communities through charity and sponsorship.



Tjindgarmi, pronounced: Jind–Gar–Me is a range of products for businesses exclusive to OfficeMax that directly supports the Teter Mek Foundation: for every product sold, a portion of the sale goes to the Foundation.

The Tjindgarmi range is decorated with unique contemporary Indigenous artwork and includes copy paper, washroom consumables, canteen supplies and furniture. It offers a fresh new look at Indigenous artwork with a meaningful and engaging story.


Sponsorships & Local Community Participation

Many of our local offices support their communities through sponsorship. These arrangements are generally offered through volunteering their time, or in-kind donations.

A Day Made Better

A Day Made Better

OfficeMax is very proud of the A Day Made Better program which has recognised and rewarded thousands of inspirational teachers over the years.

Due to numerous commitments this year in education, we will not be running A Day Made Better in 2018.


Stock Donations

Each year OfficeMax donate much needed equipment and stationery to various charities within the Australasian region. In 2016 alone, we have donated over $40,000 worth of goods to charities in countries such as East Timor, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Fiji and of course here in Australia.

Most of these charities have focussed on youth and education. From helping with back to school goods after the recent cyclones in Vanuatu to helping out orphanages in Indonesia, at OfficeMax we believe we are privileged to be in a position to help.

Along with our Tjindgarmi program which looks at helping the Indigenous youth and getting them back to or keeping them in education, we are also donating excess school stationery to a variety of remote areas schools in Australia.