Australian Packaging Covenant

Australian Packaging Covenant Signatory

In 2011, OfficeMax became a signatory in the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). This is the first step in a 5 year plan to review our product packaging. The APC is a voluntary initiative by Government and Industry to reduce the environmental effects of packaging.

This means that as a brand owner and retailer, we must have in place processes to review and minimise packaging on all private label products, as well as products we sell. Our declaration to the APC is another demonstration of our commitment to being an environmentally responsible organisation. As a signatory, we have committed to a 5 year Action Plan designed to address 3 key performance goals:


Optimise packaging to use resources efficiently and reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety.


Efficiently collect and recycle packaging.

Product Stewardship

Demonstrate commitment of all signatories.

This process will enable us to ensure that the products we supply meet the APC's strict standards of utilising minimal packaging, using recycled materials as well as reviewing our distribution methods and waste management practices.

In 2017, OfficeMax recommitted for a further 5 years and will post the updated Action Plan.