Our Policy

Our Environmental Policy

OfficeMax strives to promote sustainability and minimise the adverse environmental impacts of our operation and products in a manner responsive to the needs of our clients, our shareholders, our associates, our suppliers, the communities in which we operate and the public.

We aim to supply our products and services in a manner that minimises adverse environmental impacts by being sensitive to environmental issues throughout our business systems. This policy applies to all associates and operations of OfficeMax. All associates are expected to understand their responsibilities for environmental compliance and management. Compliance with the intent of this policy and environmental laws and regulations relevant to their respective jobs is expected from all OfficeMax employees.


• Comply with all applicable laws, regulation and internally-established environmental performance standards.

• Communicate this policy to all associates.

• Establish meaningful and measurable goals for environmental performance and communicating our performance to our stakeholders.

• Promote sustainability by conserving resources in conducting our operations and giving it consideration in the procurement of products we distribute.

• Seek opportunities to continously improve our ability to identify, measure and control the environmental impacts of our operations and products.

• Maintain an open and constructive dialogue on environmental issues with our key stakeholders. The success of our company depends on responsible environmental stewardship. We will continue to build on our strong records of meeting our environmental commitments.