• Coming Together FAQs

As OfficeMax and Winc come together, you'll soon be able to experience the best of both businesses - all in the one place.

A lot like us and owned by the same group, Winc is a company that supports the way people work, learn, create and play; from office, school, facilities and safety essentials to services like print and marketing, technology and smarter workplace solutions. 

By combining our two organisations, we’ll be able to support your business with a wider delivery network, more innovative solutions, greater expertise and a broader range of products and services.

What does this mean for you right now?

We are currently working behind the scenes to deliver a seamless integration for you. Recently we’ve combined our Sales, Marketing and Merchandising teams bringing together the best of Winc and OfficeMax to deliver one high performing team to service you better.

Over the next few months we will gradually be moving customers across to the Winc environment. In the meantime, it’s business as usual. Please rest assured that you’ll be informed well in advance of your account migrating over with plenty of support throughout the transition.

In a constantly changing world, we know you need strong partners with a deep understanding of your business. We’re coming together to deliver just that and more.

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