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The Food Collective

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OfficeMax, Unilever Food Solutions and OzHarvest have partnered together to tackle the issue of food waste in Australia.  Food waste is a major issue that is growing rapidly and we need to play a role to help reduce food waste. Food waste costs Australia $20 billion each year yet 3.6 million people needed food relief in the last year. 

Together, Unilever Food Solutions (owners of iconic brands such as Lipton, Sir Thomas Lipton, Lan-Choo and Bushell’s) and OzHarvest created the Food Collective: a program on a mission to reduce food waste, proudly supported by OfficeMax. We need you to help us raise money for OzHarvest so they can keep doing their great work and redirect surplus food to the people who need it most. Every time you buy a case of Lipton, Sir Thomas Lipton, Bushell’s or Lan-Choo tea from OfficeMax, 50 cents gets donated on your behalf to OzHarvest. Every 50 cents donated to OzHarvest is equivalent to giving one meal to someone in need. Keep purchasing the tea you know and love and you could make a difference today. Be part of the solution and join the Food Collective! 

How does it work?  3 easy steps:

Step 1

Register your business on www.officefoodcollective.com/au
You will receive a confirmation email confirming your registration


Step 2

Purchase any unit or case of Lipton, Sir Thomas Lipton, Bushell's or Lan-Choo hot tea from OfficeMax.  For every case purchased, 50 cents will be donated to OzHarvest on your behalf to feed someone in need.  If you purchase units of hot tea, you will also be making a difference as well as every unit will contribute a certain donation amount to OzHarvest.  One case bought = one meal donated to OzHarvest for someone in need


Step 3

Once you have purchased your tea products on OfficeMax, you will need to attach your invoice to the Office Food Collective in order for Food Collective to calculate the number of donations you have made:

You may submit your invoices or delivery docket via the following methods:

  1. Upload invoice or delivery docket on www.officefoodcollective.com/au
  2. Email invoice or delivery docket to raise@foodcollective.com.au

Every month you will receive an email telling you how many meals you have donated from the day you signed up.


Why should your company sign up?

This program gives all work places the opportunity to make a difference in tackling food waste.  No matter how small or big the difference is, every step counts.

Also, if you find yourself with quality surplus food left over from a meeting or corporate event, don't worry, OzHarvest will collect it to give it and deliver it to someone in need.


What teas are included in this awesome program?

  • Lipton
  • Sir Thomas Lipton
  • Bushell's
  • Lan-Choo
Check out your favourite tea products that are eligible for the Office Food Collective program.